Fall 2013 color forecast

2013 fall colors

It’s officially Fall-even if you are residing anywhere near me and it’s still a million degrees out! I don’t know about you but I still had to get my annual Pumpkin Spice fix (on ice-not the same experience). With the return of Fall comes an exciting new color palette to outfit yourself AND your home! Below are a few items you could use to incorporate these colors into any space. Everything is available through Oasis Rug & Home so don’t be shy if you are interested in a piece!

You could make a BIG change in your space by changing out your area rug:

You could add a new pop of color on your sofa or bed with some exciting new pillows:

fall pillows for blog

Another option is to brighten up your space-literally! Swap out the lamps on your end tables, console or night stands!

lamps for fall for blog

Then there is always the simple method….start with small accessories that you don’t feel so ‘married to’. I know some of you can be a bit afraid of color…

accessories for fall blog


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