Modern Tray Table No.3: Collected Decor


On this third installment of our fetching tray table we will explore the idea of it being used simply for its beauty, how clever, huh? We currently have this piece at one end of a sofa with a simple floral arrangement adorning it. Simple beauty can be best. I guess I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of girl…super simplistic or lots of crazy books, flowers, candles & accessories.


Above you see this piece is jam-packed with eye candy. The two large Barbara Barry vases are a little exaggerated for this small of a table and I think it creates a funky point of interest. You could obviously fill them with large Peonies or sweet tulips. Another option would be to fill them with corks from momentous events or perhaps an extensive match collection from your travels?


If ever you aren’t sure what to put on a table or shelf-place a candle, framed photo & decorative object. Done! Seeing as I was limited on space I opted for the candle & decorative object (that actually holds a small candle).


The rustic mortar & pestle add another texture and round off the vignette with out over powering it. Now what piece of furniture to show case next? Hmmmm…..any requests?

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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