Hold tight-we are still here!

If you are anywhere near our Destin/Miramar Beach location-then you are just as over rain as we are! Goodness. We didn’t think it was ever going to end. Meanwhile we have been working diligently on our new space and placing orders for amazing new pieces for our new space. Enjoy a peek at few new light fixtures that will be adorning our new space…




Hope everyone has weathered these storms as luckily as we have. Friday is the beginning of our big move & things will be a little discombobulated around here to say the least. So we ask you to please bare with us through the next week. We are excited to share our new space with you all!






Walls are coming down! New light fixtures are going up! We have progress folks. We are still aiming to be open around the first of March.



This will be our new ‘Rug Room’ where we will have all sorts of lovely pieces in stock in an assortment of styles, sizes & price points. We are also excited to receive our new orders of coffee table books, candles, pillows, art, lamps & all of the new accessories that started trickling in already. It’s like Christmas everyday around these parts. We are just giddy with glee for this new adventure.



We are selling the above chandeliers for a crazy low price. Prefer to sell them to people local to this area & not deal with shipping {this location is just outside of Destin, FL in Miramar Beach}. Email me at bess@oasisrugs.com if you are interested in one.

Happy Monday Everyone,


An orangesicle weekend

It’s finally Friday & I’m dreaming of Spring and more lovely outdoor moments like the one below! We carry several lines of outdoor furnishings and we are excited to have a few more pieces on hand as Spring quickly approaches. Come by and check these folding indoor/outdoor chairs out.
Hope everyone is geared up for a fantastic weekend….

Modern Tray Table No.3: Collected Decor


On this third installment of our fetching tray table we will explore the idea of it being used simply for its beauty, how clever, huh? We currently have this piece at one end of a sofa with a simple floral arrangement adorning it. Simple beauty can be best. I guess I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of girl…super simplistic or lots of crazy books, flowers, candles & accessories.


Above you see this piece is jam-packed with eye candy. The two large Barbara Barry vases are a little exaggerated for this small of a table and I think it creates a funky point of interest. You could obviously fill them with large Peonies or sweet tulips. Another option would be to fill them with corks from momentous events or perhaps an extensive match collection from your travels?


If ever you aren’t sure what to put on a table or shelf-place a candle, framed photo & decorative object. Done! Seeing as I was limited on space I opted for the candle & decorative object (that actually holds a small candle).


The rustic mortar & pestle add another texture and round off the vignette with out over powering it. Now what piece of furniture to show case next? Hmmmm…..any requests?

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Let the adventure begin!


We are moving-NEXT DOOR! We have had such great luck in our new space that we are ready to grow into a larger space. We will have more rugs on hand, more furniture, more lighting & more fun! Take a peek at our new space ‘before’.



We are planning to open the new space March 1st **fingers crossed**. More on this adventure to come.

Happy Monday folks,


{Gift Guide} Valentine’s Edition

valentines quad copy copy

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Next Thursday to be exact. If you are still searching for the perfect little something for your ‘someone special’, then look no further. We have just the gift for you….

1. A sweet Rewined Candle to set the mood. You can pick a scent based on your love’s favorite type of wine: Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio & even Champagne.

2. A lovely trio of vases in the softest, sweetest blue you have ever laid your eyes on. How beautiful would they be with a few big, bold peonies in them?

3. I couldn’t resist throwing a pair of love birds in.

4. And yet another cheesy selection…a love bug! This little brassy cricket stole my heart at High Point. It’s the perfect little addition to any grouping on your coffee table or night stand.

Maybe the two of you just want to get cozy under this festive throw?



Happy {almost} Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend.


Modern Tray Table No.2: Ladylike


It’s the middle of a wonderful week here & I thought we would explore the second perfect use of this tray table: a mini ‘beauty bar’. I was recently inspired by a girlfriend’s birthday soiree where she set up a nail station/bar in her home. What a fun idea!


This is the perfect solution for those pesky little bathrooms that never offer enough storage! You could fill this piece with all of your finest perfumes or simply your everyday products so they don’t clutter a small counter space.


A pretty little bowl makes the most ordinary of objects come across as beautiful. Some of these are actually a collection of little tea cups that I fell in love with a few years back.


I may have an Essie obsession?! Hope everyone is having a great week thus far! The third installation of this lovely piece will be up next week.