Modern Tray Table No.1: Bar


Recently this fetching little occasional table trickled in from a High Point order made back in October. It’s always like: ‘Surprise! Here is something fabulous your forgot was coming!’….whenever something like this arrives. I thought this piece was full of so much possibility & I wanted a chance to play with it before it quickly finds its forever home, so enjoy my first thought on this piece: use it for a little bar!


If you follow me on {Pinterest} then you have realized that I love little bars. Whether they are a permanent fixture in your home’s millwork or something you set up just for entertaining and special occasions-they are a fun way to create a ‘collection’ & point of interest in your home using items that are functional and not just for looks.



Line items up in rows or cluster them in odd-numbered groups. This way everything looks more intentional and is more ‘pleasing’ on the eye.


For more bar inspiration check out my Pinterest page {HERE} for lots of good eye candy!

Happy Humpday Everyone!


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